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Chamber Channels

Chamber Channels is a bi-monthly publication with 3,000 copies printed and an estimated 5,000 readership. Issues are mailed directly to Chamber members, posted online on the Chamber's web site, available at all Chamber events and distributed to newsstands, eateries, municipal buildings, libraries, etc. throughout the Greater Springfield region.

Chamber Channels is published on the first of every other month with an advertising and news deadline of the 10th of the previous month.  An Electronic Newsletter in the form of an e-mail is sent on the alternating months.  To be added to the Distribution List, please contact Maureen Sullivan at

Chamber Channels Online

An online version of Chamber Channels is available using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (download this free piece of software.) A hard copy is also available by calling the Chamber at (413) 787-1555.

Chamber Channels Archives

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January 2013 Celebrating Our Members
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