Discounted Health Care for Small Business

Chamber Executives Association Introduces Discounted Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Long-awaited discounts for small businesses are here. The Massachusetts Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (MACCE) recently introduced the Chamber Health Coop, a group purchasing program that makes health insurance more affordable for businesses with 1 to 50 full-time employees.

Any small business that belongs to one of the more than 60 participating chambers of commerce and other business associations is eligible to join the Chamber Health Coop. The Springfield Regional Chamber is among this first wave of organizations to make the program available to its members.

Health New England is currently the only available provider in Western Massachusetts, although Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim are available in the eastern and central part of the state. Health New England has trimmed their rates by 3.33% while the other two note discounts of 2%.

Our members can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on their health insurance by enrolling in this program. Businesses with a maximum of 50 employees who work 30 or more hours a week can now enroll for coverage beginning as soon August.


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"The Commonwealth is pleased to support the new Chamber Health Coop through MACCE," said Governor Deval Patrick. "Small businesses are vital to our continued economic success here in the Commonwealth and we need more innovative programs like the coop to reduce the high costs of health care that inhibit growth and development."

"Chambers have fought for years to lower the cost of health insurance. We are pleased that Governor Patrick, Senate President Murray, and Speaker DeLeo share this aim and helped pave the way for group purchasing cooperatives," said MACCE President Tom O'Rourke. "The Chamber Health Coop will give businesses one more tool they can use to lower the cost of insurance for themselves and their employees."

In addition to offering savings on health insurance plans, the Chamber Health Coop provides wellness programs to help employees live healthier lives that in turn may help keep premium costs at bay. The health and wellness offering is free for all covered employees and their families.

The Massachusetts Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives represents the 100+ Chambers of Commerce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MACCE's mission is to be an accessible and valuable resource to the chamber professionals serving our state's communities. MACCE provides a wide-range of resources and opportunities for all chamber professionals and their member businesses.

To learn more, visit or contact your certified insurance broker.

Not sure if your broker is participating in this program? The following certified insurance brokers are members of the Springfield Regional Chamber: